Preventative & Periodontal

Dental Care

At Toboggan Run Dental in Rice Lake, WI, we offer the highest standard of treatments for all your preventative and periodontal dental needs. Routine cleanings and checkups are the key to making sure your teeth, gums, and general oral health are in their best condition. Whether you’re coming in for your regular cleaning or need emergency services, we will take care of you. Our team will help you feel comfortable and relaxed through the duration of your visit and work with you to make your smile looks its best. Nitrous oxide sedation may be requested to help you relax during certain dental procedures.

Preventative Care

We offer the preventative care you need to protect you and your family’s oral health, and catch any potential issues before they develop. Schedule an appointment today for preventative care.

Preventative Care Includes:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Dental Sealants
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Fluoride Trays
  • Snore Appliances
  • Grinding/Clenching Splints
  • Orthodontic Referrals
  • Oral Surgery Referrals
Dental Hygienist with a patient at Toboggan Run Dental
Dental emergency?
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Toboggan Run Dental hygienist in Rice Lake, WI

Periodontic Dentistry

Periodontal care is an essential part of comprehensive dental health and involves the care of your gums and the structures that surround your teeth. Our team is specially trained to detect and treat any periodontal issues such as gingivitis, which can severely threaten your all over health and your smile.

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Advanced Gum Tissue Care
  • Limited Surgical Procedures

Schedule a cleaning and checkup today! The best way to treat dental issues is to prevent them. Our friendly, experienced staff will thoroughly assess your oral health and work closely with you to find the best potential treatment options. We also provide cosmetic and restorative care for new and returning patients to address every aspect of your oral health.

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